Big Mistake On Coast To Coast: Ian Punnett Says No More Tsa Body Scanner Calls

According to the ancient proverb, there are only three basic need of a human being and those are food, cloth and a house; in this modern world, the count of basic needs has surpassed the magical figure of 100 and it is growing slowly, but steadily.

Do an assessment of the interview after it is over. Take note of the positive parts. When did your conversation seem to excite the recruiter? What topics made him or her ask you follow up questions?

Choosing a room. Some travelers always request upper floors at hotels to lessen disturbance from street noise. Others insist on lower floors so that they are within reach of fire-department ladders if there is a fire. In fact, some companies insist in contracts with hotels that their employees get rooms within four stories of the street.

Where is the ACLU? Where are those Americans that profess to protect our civil liberties? My experience in LA was a watershed moment in my life. I have always loved my country and believed in all the liberties outlined in our Constitution. But my government has let me down.

I went through the Daily Scanner only to be pulled aside and told that the scanner had detected something “in my right groin area.” I said to the TSA agent something like, “Huh?” I had no shoes, no belt, no jewelry, no nothing except my socks, my Chino’s, my underwear, and my shirt. And trust me on this, I am not a terrorist – I have never committed a crime and I only have that speeding ticket I mentioned earlier.

“Celebrities can have complete faith that celebrity news website Thirty-Mile-Zone (TMZ) will never be able to tempt a security official to sell their image so that TMZ can then upload it to the Internet for all voyeuristic eyes to behold. We will never see the headline ‘Star John Doe: Full-Body Scan Exposes Penile Implant- TMZ has Exclusive Photo!'”- Jotworks January 7, 2010. I wrote this tongue-in-cheek. We all knew that the scanners would be a problem for celebrities. Shah Rukh Khan is not likely the first to be subjected to the culpable abuse of his privacy.

Yet, anyone- even a non-celebrity- should beware of full body scanners. They are a violation of human rights. They invade privacy and could endanger one’s health. They emit radiation. Even though the level is so-called ‘low’, continued exposure to it could be of concern to a frequent flyer.