Funny Maternity Shirts And Maternity Tees – A Style Staple During Pregnancy

Ok ladies, with the onset of fall, and the relentlessness of the leggings trend, I think it’s time for a quick crash course in pants vs. not-pants. I know the fashion industry and various underage celebrites are doing a lot to confuse us about what constitutes pants, but by following a few simple rules you can all but guarantee that you won’t leave your house sans pants.

The Oceana boots by Gabor are said to possess a 55mm stack effect heel and rivet strap trim detail that provide a stylish look to you. These boots can be the best supplement and appendage to your wardrobe, since they are comfortable and fashionable. You can avail them in black color only which can suit any kind of outfit that you would prefer to wear.

Wear them Anywhere there is Actually Sun!: While driving, at a baseball game, at the park, even walking a dog. Just make sure there is a chance of sun before putting them on.

Another popular boot is the Forget Me Not. This is a slouch leather boot that really is unforgettable. This is due to its unique design that is definitely one of a kind. It is a leather boot that comes with adjustable buckle closures. Really one of those boots you need to have when you want to make a statement.

Another great place to wear a sweater-dress this winter is at the office. Just because work-clothes have to follow a certain set of limits and regulations, doesn’t mean they have to be boring! A black, turtleneck sweater-dress paired with stud earrings and classic high-heeled pumps will look conservative, yet stylish and sophisticated. Wear your hair up in a French twist, and wear eyeglasses for a real, live, sexy-librarian-inspired look.

For a casual look, pair your sweater-dress with skin-tight cassie lularoe sizing and sneakers. For an especially fun look, choose a bright-colored pair of leggings that will look young, hip and street-wise. Wear this look to a daytime matinee movie with a girlfriend, or out on a walk with your dog. You’ll be warm, comfortable and your bright leggings will surely turn heads.

Bright Colors – Making a welcome return is bright and bold color. The hues seen most often for spring are cheery warm orange and sunny yellow. You can incorporate brights nicely with any of the other trends. That delicate leather cocktail dress with studs will work nicely with a tangerine orange purse.

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