Keys To Starting Your Own Clothing Company

It’s such a vast and complicated issue. You hear about it all over the news in one form or another practically every day: immigration reform, free trade, fair trade, the disintegration of the Middle Class, and the outsourcing of jobs. You run into it when you call customer service at a lot of the large corporations and get someone with a barely understandable accent that tells you his name is John Wayne. (I’m not kidding, this actually happened to me.) You hear about children working in sweatshops for pennies an hour and how small farmers overseas are starving because they can’t compete.

Make It A Daily Habit – Generating sales and building a stronger brand won’t happen in 5 minutes. Part of a successful fan page strategy is making it a daily habit of marketing. Just 15 minutes a day is enough to release new status updates, upload photos, and comment back to “friends” of your business. Blocking just a small amount of time will keep you far ahead of your competition.

Thankfully after sometime and drama he is rewarded with baseball players from the past coming to play on his field. Maybe you are hearing the voices right now. Countless friends, co-workers, and even your competition might be telling you to “build your fan page and customers will come”. If you just jump right and hope you people will come you might be looking like Kevin Costner without the happy ending.

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Then came the migration to the cities. In the beginning, manufacturers were desperate for help. The working conditions were harsh, but no more so than on the farm. Young people were used to it. And there were benefits. You made pretty good money and after a few years you could afford to buy a house. It was The American Dream. Sometimes the company even built it for you. Whole towns and parts of cities were created to attract workers. After about 15 years or so when your body started wearing out from all the hard work, you could retire with your small pension and you were, well, comfortable.

Another approach, and it’s the basis for this article, is beginning a home based business. Kitchen tables are magical. The successful custom shirts denver ESPIRIT was started by two women on a kitchen table. Two women that knew they wanted to start a business and just sat down (at the kitchen table) and began tossing some ideas around.

This grassroots approach can land you accounts, customers, and an amazing amount of visibility. Short on funds? Invite ten strategic alliance partners to help cover the costs. This collaborative effort will triple your visibility.

We hate to break it to you, but just because you think your slogan is the coolest thing you’ve ever heard, doesn’t mean it will sit well with the public (read: your customers). Ask people who won’t say they like it just to be nice (hint: your mom is not one of them). Friends, friends of friends, the bum on the street, anyone! Get a lot of opinions before deciding to move forward and put your slogan on your business card, your website, your flyers, etc.