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Arlington-based Homeward Trails Animal Rescue hosts PawCasso, their biggest fundraiser of the year on Saturday April 16 from 6:00 -11:00 p.m. in the heart of downtown at the Washington Post structure.

What will your benefits be? Will you have full health and dental coverage? Will you be covered under an HMO, PPO, POS, or some other plan? Is your company self insured, i.e. they aren’t making use of the services of a healthcare provider, however paying as they go? What part of the insurance expenses will you pay? What are the caps on insurance coverage? Are prescriptions covered? How about member of the family – are they covered?

Shopping – the city of Jinan is a consumers delight, using a lot of chances for tourists to discover fantastic bargains and products. Memorabilia can be found in nearly every store around the city centre. Visitors who are trying to find clothing will have the ability to discover great deals of clothes shops in the clothes district of the city. Carrefour, Walmart and other major grocery stores run within the city centre too.

Thai Select is a Thai Restaurant that I just recently discovered and love the service, food and atmosphere used at this terrific establishment. Thai Select lies at 472 Ninth Opportunity in between West 36th Street & West 37th Street in Midtown Manhattan. They are open 7 days a week and serve lunch and supper.

When you decide to stop collecting a caterer for your next holiday, there are some things to consider. Reserve quickly and do not wait up until the last minute. A Event Catering business has a calendar fills quickly, particularly around the vacations. If your getaway takes place on public vacation then planning your party at home is another consideration. Popular places are scheduled for months beforehand. It would make sense for you, also plan ahead and book early. The 2 weekends prior to Christmas are the time to get back to the most popular, so if you have any prepare for a minimum of a couple of months, you can feel trouble.

See my other article on A/C about Pastimes for Writers if you need some ideas. Some sort of pastimes are better than others in establishing yourself as an author, and I have actually listed some of them there.

Spring City Park – this is the most popular park in the city, and used to be the botanical gardens. Bring a book, a picnic basket and delight in the sites and noises of this beautiful green space in the middle of the city.