Mint + The Evolution Of Personal Financial Software On The Web

It’s quite hard to achieve your goals if you have a good map. After all, life throws you a lot of curve balls. There is conflicting advice from different people – including your advisers – they all have different agendas. There may be a property management headaches, problems in the family, rising costs, changing government regulations, and much more. It is hard enough to manage even a good plan. Imagine how you want to do without it.

Preparing for retirement is another reason to secure financial planning services. Doing so will let you assess how much money you need to have to achieve your goals. A proper plan can help you gear up for important life events by preparing for future funds and pension. Coming up with a plan may also help you retire earlier.

This is where the fine line comes in. While the friendly approach works for Mr. Howard’s line of work, it’s not such a great idea for a Financial Planner like Mr. Berton. And, when it comes to health care, you have to tread carefully so as not to cross the fine line between ‘friendly’ and ‘too friendly’.

If your credit score doesn’t support this strategy, fix it. This is simple, but really not easy. It requires meticulous credit maintenance, a lot of phone calls, and intestinal fortitude. Remember, the first two people you talk to can’t help you and don’t care. They’re paid by the hour. Go deeper. Get a supervisor, Get a manager. Never take “no” from someone who’s not in a position to give you a “yes”. (Thanks Joe Rags.) A better idea might be to seek professional help.

Live. I have had multiple careers in my lifetime, one in sail-making, another in TV and video production, another in investment management for small banks, and yet another as a communications, marketing and PR guy. I have also script-doctored (and directed) a pair of one-person plays that appeared locally as well as on-tour up and down the east coast.

On average women earn less than men Women have smaller pensions and social security benefits Women on average live to years longer than men Almost in women is broke within two months of her husband’s death The average age of widowhood is financial planning services Over of women are eventually widowed of the adults living in poverty are women At some point in their lives of women will be in charge of their own finances.

Once you have established your niche, you need to decide on a name that brands you. James Malinchak, for example, is The Big Money Speaker. His specialty is the college market and he talks about leadership skills. Both Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield are renowned for their ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ series of books. Whenever either one is introduced, ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ follows their name.

Because I’m not a fortune teller or work for a media company, I don’t earn my living making predictions, but I’m going to make one here. For the next few millennium, expect uncertainty. Invest accordingly.