Nastia Liukin Silver Not Nasty, But The Gymnastics Scoring Method Is

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Students can be a small like loaded weapons when they have not carried out any research. There is nothing more discouraging to a pupil who has come to consider a course and realizes it is way beyond their ability level. It might suggestion the balance to by no means attempting that ‘yoga factor’ ever again. And certification is no guarantee that somebody is a gifted instructor.

Read on below for the Q and A. Don’t worry if you love airtrack but fashion’s not quite your factor — Liukin also dishes on her comeback, training as a 20-some thing and her thoughts on World champion Aliya Mustafina, among other things. Enjoy!

In the fitness center, Liukin is well recognized for her creative, balletic style. Off the flooring, the Olympic winner has a penchant for sky-higher black heels, which she wears to occasions and appearances but never at home in Plano, she insists.

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