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The racy road action is back again again. This time about it guarantees to be larger and better. When the initial film in the illustrious franchise of Quick and Furious was released, small did the makers expect that it will create explosion at box office.

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The plot of the movie is distinctive and intriguing. In the mystical universe, little but potent forces have existed for centuries. These are the preservers of peace and harmony and are known as Green Lantern Corp. As a image of brotherhood, every green lantern wears a ring that grants them tremendous powers. However, a new and powerful enemy Parallax threatens to ruin their supremacy by disturbing the cosmic power of the universe that can create havoc. In these occasions of disaster, they should depend on their newest human recruit- Hal Jordan. You can view movies online for free from the web.

This 1973 horror film deals with the demonic possession of a younger girl and her mother’s determined plea to get her daughter back through the ancient exorcism ceremony to rid the devil, which is performed by two clergymen.

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